Optical systems

The decades-long experience in building mounted assemblies allows the construction of optical systems and complex assemblies with the utmost professionalism.

The laboratory equipped with class 100 clean laminar flow cabin allows us to assembly in a perfectly clean condition. We also have various optical bench to analyze performance and calibrate the systems.


Systems and activities:

  • Inspection cavity lens (Pupil remote and Pinhole Lens)
  • Assembly of optics into mechanical barrel
  • Handpieces for laser medical systems (customizable)
  • Groups prism splitting 2-3-4-5 channels VIS-NIR
  • Assembled by bonding, optical contact and silicate catalysis bonding
  • Optical master and calibration device
  • Construction of optical benches
  • Construction and assembly of opto-mechanical assemblies with servo assisted movement
  • Components testing (interferometric, spettrophotometric, …)
  • Systems testing (alignment, MTF, resolution, …)
  • Interferometer FIZER 100, innovative interferometer with Fizeau configuration












Interferometric cavity for thermal vacuum implemented by optical hydroxid catalysis bonding.

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