produzione-lentiThe various production departments are able to achieve most of the conventional optical components.
Our experience and our production capabilities allow us to realize even special components.

Standard optical components

  • Spherical lenses from 3 to 300mm
  • Cylindrical and aspherical lenses
  • Flat or spherical or aspherical mirrors to diam1000mm
  • Prisms
  • Glass and dichroic filters
  • Dedicated mechanics for optical systems

Special realizations:

  • Ultra fine lapping of metals (steel, nickel, gold, etc ...)
  • Diamond Turning
  • Mechanical parts made of glass or ceramic material
  • Micromachining on glass and metals
  • Our experts are available to design and manufacture components and / or work on customer request


prismiThe decades-long experience in building mounted assemblies allows the construction of optical systems and complex assemblies with the utmost professionalism.
The laboratory equipped with class 100 clean laminar flow cabin allows the assembly in a perfectly clean condition. We also have various optical bench to analyse performance and calibrate the systems.

Systems and Activities:

  • Assembly of optics into mechanical barrel
  • Telecentric lens standard and customized (1/3" to 1" megapixel camer and linear camera up to 12K, many field of view avialable )
  • Assembled by bonding, optical contact and silicate catalysis bonding.
  • optical master anc calibration device
  • Construction of optical benches
  • Construction and assembling of opto-mechanical assemblies with servo assisted movement

Adaptive Optics

The adaptive optics is a type of optical components in great development and with great potential.
The collaboration between engineers and researchers has made it to the scope of industrial applications.
Contact us to get an overview of the applicability in your field.