Products and services

progettazione-otticaThe production is realized in several Italian and International laboratories.
Each laboratory can claim special expertise in producing high quality components, from prototype to mass production.
The synergy between different laboratories can produce components for complex optical systems.
Our labs in the area of Florence ensure the testing, assembly and calibration systems. Other laboratories decentralized responsible for the construction of optical components (hi precision optical manufacturing, diamond turning, molding) and surface coatings (thermal evaporation, electron gun, assistance plasma sputtering).
Range of application for components from 170nm to 14.000nm (UV-VIS-IR), the processed materials from the most known and reliable companies in the world (Schott, O'Hare, Hoya, Corning, etc. ..). Our technologies allow us to work all the optical glasses, fused silica, IR materials like ZnSe, ZnS, CaF2, Si, Ge.
On customer request we can provide for all production test certificates complete and detailed.